Twice Cooked BBQ Pork Ribs

Barbecue ribs though messy to eat are just amazing she cooked right with tender meat falling off the bone and a zingy barbecue sauce. I twice cook mine and make a really simple and easy barbecue sauce to both coat the meat when barbecuing or grilling and to pour over them when serving.

For the meat-

1 Kg meaty free range pork rib rack.

1 star anise.

White pepper.

1 Teaspoon of five spice powder.

2 Teaspoons of smoked paprika.

A sprinkle of salt.
For the barbecue sauce.

5 Tablespoons of dark soya Sauce.

2 Tablespoons of honey.

1 Tablespoons of smoked paprika.

1 Tablespoon of tomato purée.

2 Tablespoons of sugar.

White pepper.

1 Teaspoon of ground dried garlic.

1 Teaspoon of ground dried onion.

1 diced Red Chilli


Meat preparation.

1. Get a large sauce pan that the rib rack will fit into.

2. Place the ribs into the pan.

3. Sprinkle over white pepper, smoked paprika, five spice and salt and drop the star anise in on top.

4. Fill the pan with water and put on a medium heat.

5. Boil for between 1 and 2 hours.
Barbecue sauce-

1. Put all of the sauce ingredients into a small sauce pan and heat gently till the sugar has melted.
Grilling and barbecuing the ribs-

1. Once the ribs have been boiled and are tender drain off the liquid and rinse.

2. Using a brush smear barbecue sauce all over the ribs.

3. Place onto a heated barbecue or under a grill.

4. Heat the remaining barbecue sauce.

5. Once one side of the ribs are browned turn over and brown the other side.

6. Place into a board and carve.

7. Drizzle over the barbecue sauce and serve with fries.


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